Ultra 3D Earth Tutorial! + Free ORB Plug-in! 100% After Effects!

Our new plug-in for After Effects is now available!
FREE Download: https://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2018/09/new-tutorial-orb-plug-in-now-available/

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  1. how do i keep it rotating? like an endless loop?

  2. What about licensing and permission to use the maps for commercial use?

  3. Whenever I try this, the bump influencer slider does literally nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. Can someone tell me how he does the rotation at the end with the shadow moving too? What did he do with the Null Object?

  5. Amazing as always 🙂
    1 question : The smoke/fog in space that can be seen in the trailer are 2D stock footages put in 3D space ? Or how would you recommend to do it ?
    Thanks !

  6. Well I think Andrew will never reed this, but I wanna say THANK YOU for you free amazing plugs and tutorials. That's just awesome.

  7. from where can i get those textures?

  8. Awesome plug in, and killer tutorial !! Thanks a lot ! 🙂

  9. Anyone have some insight as to why my water isn't blue and how to fix this?

  10. thank you so much ! its awesome tutorial !

  11. the fuckin terminator line scared me!

  12. Thank you, I have followed your tutorial and made a passable planet earth. Would anyone be able to direct me to a good tutorial to animate the Earth, I see a NULL object appear at 27.01 (above parallel light) and I am guessing this is how Andrew is making the earth rotate because Point of interest and Position is only make the earth animate in space, not making it rotate. Newbie here so please excuse if this is a stupid question. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Cool… any school boy can now fake the Ball-Earth.,…

  14. tell me that how to Instal that plug-in in After affects

  15. Good evening excuse me what is the background song name of your intro please

  16. Genius man !!! Just amazing !

  17. Thanks for the amazing tutorial! Could you make a video showing how to create a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn? Love the plugin!

  18. I can't seem to find VC Orb in Effects&Presets, even after I installed it.
    What should I do?

  19. 10:20 can anyone tell me how his load so smooth and nice with HD while mine load really low resolution? 🙁

  20. I hope these pointers from the last 5 hours spent semi successfully creating an Earth that I think passes for a possible commercial use can help others. Firstly, I know this is basic, but, put the tutorial on a separate screen/laptop so that you can keep pausing and rewinding (otherwise it will do your head in). Secondly, don't rush the tutorial. Go step by step because it really is worth following every micro step. If you miss a stage, it's hard to pick up the thread of where you were and why you lost the 'look'. For example I had to have two goes at getting the stars right because I rushed it the first time round. Do follow the stars step. It really is the icing on the cake as the Earth really does look like it is part or a real life Universe. Don't just put the stars up behind. For me the single most important step is the point light. The point light affects so many different elements, it makes a difference with the shadow between the light and dark areas of the Earth and the glow you add later on in the process. Get that point light right, and other things fall into place. My advice is to take the point light target area away from the Earth so that the light cuts across. My Earth is posting as I type and you are welcome to see what is possible from a person who dabbles in AE but is by no means an expert. Now the bad news. When you apply the clouds and clouds 2 layers, (on my set up at least) they don't line up with the original Orb. I have no idea why. All are sat at the 960, 540 and it is a fiddle to line them up as depending on where the camera is, they need tweaking. If you decide to rotate the Orb layer during a render, it rotates at a different rate (faster) than the clouds above. I don't know why but it does, and you can't parent them, but after a lot of trial and error, it is just quicker to move the camera. You don't need to turn on the 3d layer icon on each solid. This software intuitively does this. That's it from me. I can't get over how absolutely amazing this software is. I can now show any country in the World in a project and get a realistic 3d result. I will be buying from Video Copilot, and I think they deserve amazing praise for this.

  21. Sir please provide us Adobe after effect link to download it free sir please ,I want to learn this sir but I don't have after effect sir plz

  22. When I illuminate the blue haze layer, a dark ring appears! It's as if only a small part of the planet is being illuminated. Anyone have any suggestions???

  23. when i load the difuse map orb is invisible please help me

  24. "If you have a capture card with low memory you may want to low-res this to 4k or 2 k"
    EXCUSE ME?! I can barely reach 1k!

  25. Why my map resolution suck on orb when i zoom in ?? 😶😶🙄

  26. 7:41 Earth Orb

    11:43 Earth Lights

    13:09 Clouds

    20:05 Haze

    22:08 Stars

    25:04 Halo

    BIG THANKS to Andrew Kramer for all that he DO

  27. Hi I'm stuck on the last part – How do you make the Earth rotate and how did you do a preview of it?

  28. Is this compatible with After Effects VR Environments? I tried and the VR Output comp is just black…


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